Fairytale Weddings

A Santa Fe Wedding
"...Clarice Coffey's Fairytale Weddings will arrange all the details to get you down the aisle and to the altar. Clarice books weddings for couples from all over the world and has an exclusive cooperative contract with Japan's largest wedding agency. She also has access to private estates...."
Romantic Days and Nights in Santa Fe ©2001

New Mexico Weddings
"...Wedding coordinator Clarice Coffey first saw the ruins when she moved to Santa Fe in 1989...six years later she convinced the park's rangers to let her conduct ceremonies there. With its combination of Native American and Spanish religious significance, the site is the wonderland of spiritual Southwest wedding destinations. Coffey's company, Fairytale Weddings, is the only wedding coordinator allowed to hold ceremonies on the spot...."
Beyond Vegas ©2000

Some Enchanted Weddings
"...Clarice Coffey's Fairytale Weddings service has helped spread the word about New Mexico's appeal for the altar-bound.... She has independently arranged ceremonies for couples from Canada, Ireland, Germany and Scotland as well as most 50 states. Why do they make the long trek to the Southwest?

'Santa Fe is seen as a very romantic location,' Coffey says. 'It represents a return to an old-time ambience, a step back in time.' She caters to a different clientele than those attracted by the glitzy seduction of Las Vegas. 'Some are outdoor enthusiasts,' she says. 'Others are looking for a quiet secluded place they can't find back home. They are so thrilled to discover Santa Fe. It's a reflection of the Old World values [couples] wish to build their marriage upon."
New Mexico Magazine © June 1998

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